The PX project protest in China

PX project is also referred as para-xylene chemical project. The Chinese scientific name is “对二甲苯”. It is liquid, colorless, transparent and fragrant aromatic compounds. PX (paraxylene) is raw material in the production of plastics, polyester fibers and films. In China, a series of protests were held because people believe that PX project will not only cause environmental pollution, but also PX itself is carcinogenic and may seriously endanger human health and lead to cancer.

Public reaction: Protests

People in China rarely go to the street and hold demonstrations, however the protest against PX projects is an exception. From October 2012 to present, three major PX projects are proposed and approved by the government but received large scale of public protests: PX project in Ningbo, PX project in Kunming and PX project in Jiujiang.20130710-080133.jpg

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