The largest oil retailer in Southwest China sold 30,000 swill-cooked dirty oil

According to the media report, Southwest China’s largest edible oil company, had sold out 30,000 tons of waste oil which is also known as swill-cooked dirty. Base on the Economic Observer, Yunnan Feng Shui Oil Company accounts for more than 30% of the market share of the edible oil sales. It is reported that the company had brought in 3.2 million tons of waste oil during 2002-2012. No doubt that the problematic oil is already sold and even consumed by the customers. Based on 20 kg edible oil per person per year, the over 30,000 tons of waste oil is sufficient for 1.5 million people usage for a whole year!

If the largest edible oil company in the Southwest China had been doing the waste oils or swill-cooked dirty oil for a decade, the uncovered dirty trading could be really huge. Probably this to some extent tells how Chinese people could be so favorable to the imported goods, in particular those with critical importance such as the baby milk powder.

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