The largest smuggling case: 213 nos of bears paw seized by Inner Mongolia Custom, at least 54 bears were killed

Manzhouli Customs seized large scale bears paw smuggling



Customs inspection machine displayed that black objects were hidden in the vehicle tires

213 nos of bloody large and small bear paws were discovered on June 15 by the Manzhouli Customs, Inner Mongolia, under routine check of a car entering into China from Russia. This is also the most serious smuggling case with the largest number of bear paws seized.

It is understood that one kilogram bear paw in Russia is sold at 2,000 rubles, equivalent to 400 yuan (US $64); while in China, the price can be five or six thousand yuan per kilogram (US$ 800-960), ten times higher than the price in Russia. According to the International “Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora International Trade Convention,” black bear has already been included in Appendix I, the Convention expressly limits international trade of its products and life bears derivatives. On December 25, 1980 China joined the Convention, on April 8, 1981 the Convention entered into force for China. In addition China Wildlife Conservation Act classifies bear as grade 2 of protected animals. Huge profits become main reason for smugglers to brutally go against the rule.

Source: 法制网

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