The First “Garbage Trading for Vegetable Shop” Open in Beijing

Recently the first “Garbage Trading for Vegetable Shop” in China was open in Beijing, the capital city of China. The shop is located in the college road with new business model offering the people nearby some new shopping experiences:

1.      People can trade out their unwanted goods or disposals for credit points;

2.      Accumulated credit points can be used to buy more than one hundred types of vegetables shipped direct from the farms in cooperation;

3.      Garbage with possible great harm to the environment (if disposed without appropriate handling) will be attached with greater credit to encourage trading of these materials such as battery.

While the idea of trading garbage is not new, the opening of the “Garbage Trading for Vegetable Shop” makes a very good trail in promoting the idea of better protecting the environment which could actually be more economically acceptable and viable as well.

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