The China Dream: The most beautiful foot-caring sister

Liu Li, a migrant worker (in China migrant worker refer to those born in one province but work in another) working in Xiamen, saved her money from working in a foot bath center and subsidized hundreds of children to continue the study.

“I did not forget the commitment to help the brother and sister in their study and thus I saved my money for them.” Liu Li said, “when they were grown up, the economy status of my family was improved, an idea raised in my mine which is to help more poor students return to school and I do not want other poor children like me to be as regretful as I am”.

With this simple love, she was called by netizens as “China’s most beautiful foot-caring girl.” Today, Liu Li monthly salary is divided into three parts, one for daily expenses, one for her parents,m and one for supporting the poor students.

“I want to summarize the path that I have walked through with four sentences: be acceptable to the applause; sustain the loneliness; adhere to the principle; and live a happy life.” Liu Li said, “a better tomorrow is just at its beginning, realization of ‘ China Dream’ has to rely on hard work. ”

Source: 东南网

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