The China Dream: Paralyzed girl wrote 800,000-word novels using iPad with nose

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Huang Yang, a born paralyzed girl in a small village in Yueyang County, Hunan Province. She can not write with her hands, can not walk with her feet, can not speak clearly, but she loves smiling! She used her mouth and nose to turn the pages of “Xinhua Dictionary”, and then use the lower jaw and nose in writing on the tablet phone. She suffered from convulsions, tremor, typing a word can cost her three minutes, but she never gave up. In two years time, she wrote “Effort”, “Millennium Butcher’s knife,” “Allow me to greet with a smile” she wrote in autobiographical book “Allow me to greet with a smile”: “I can not conquer a stove, but I want to conquer fate.” Indeed, she conquered the indomitable pain; she made a strong interpretation of the life.

Huang Yang wrote in her micro blogging that “If life is a ray of sunshine, I would like to shine in the darkest corner; If life is a clear line of rain, I would fall on the parched earth; If Life is a flame, I would like to burn it all, to the warm everything around me; If life is a stream, I would like to merge into thousands of mountains and rivers, to nourish the world; if life is a flying rock, I would like to across the sky, only for people to make a wish ……”

Source: 潇湘晨报

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