The CCTV said the Dalai Lama gang issued “self-immolation instrucations”

February 27, 2009, a monk set himself on fire in Aba County

According to CCTV report, in recent years, monk self-immolation events happen in various occasions in Tibetan areas such as Ganzi and Sichuan; behind the self-immolation incidents, the Dalai clique issued a special “self-immolation instruction”. The self-immolation instruction guided the self-immolation time and place, which led to the misunderstanding of the Western scholars and media.

In March 2013, 26-year-old villager Ban Majia attempted to implement self-immolation in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous area, but promptly seized by the local police. The police also found his prior written suicide note from him and dozens of leaflets, according to Ban, the suicide note was written according to the guide book found on the Internet providing self-immolation instructions.

This subside attempt first exposed the “self-immolation instructions” which in fact is a textbook teaching how Tibetans set themselves on fire, the first part of the book is self-immolation ideological mobilization; the second part is about the preparation of self-immolation; the third part is the self-immolation words to be shouted during the implementation of the self-immolation; the fourth part is the relevant actions that should be taken.

Source: 新京报

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