China Mobile

China Mobile Communications Corporation (“China Mobile”) was established on April 20, 2000 is a GSM and TD-SCDMA standard, network-based mobile communications operators. China Mobile Communications Corporation is a state-owned enterprise in accordance with national plans and requirements on telecommunications reform. As the leading mobile services provider in Mainland China, the Group boasts the world’s largest mobile network and the world’s largest mobile customer base. March 14, 2013, China Mobile released the 2012 annual results indicating that in 2012, China Mobile had a net increase of 6,073 million customers contributing to the total 710 million users; its 3G customers had increased by 3,672 million with a total of 8,793 million.

China Unicom

China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. (Briefly named”China Unicom”) was established on January 6, 2009 on the basis of the former China Unicom and China Netcom, which used to play the important roles on china’s telecom market with their own advantages in different professional areas respectively. The overall scale and strength of the newly-built China Unicom was greatly enhanced. Relying on its well-structured, technically advanced and functionally powerful modern communications network with nationwide coverage and global reach, the company offers a wide array of services, including mobile communications services, domestic and international fixed telephony networks and facilities (including Wireless Local Loops); voice, data, image and multimedia communications and information services, value-added telecom services, IP telephony service, system integration service related to communications and information services as well as other services approved by the government.

February 20, 2013, China Unicom announced the operational data in January 2013: a net increase of 3,669,000 3G users was recorded in January contributing to the total 3G users of 80,125,000 cumulative; and a net increase of 3.605 million for mobile users in this single month, accumulating to the total number of 242,917,000 making it the second largest mobile operator in China.

China Telecom

China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom) is an extra-large State-owned telecom operator in China, Global Partner of World Expo 2010 Shanghai, and was selected into the Top 500 Global Corporations for many consecutive years. China Telecom mainly provides the integrated information services including the fixed-line telephone, mobile service, Internet connection and applications services.

According to statistics released at the beginning of 2013, the company’s 3G subscribers totaled 69.05 million out of which 32.76 million are new (signed up in 2012); mobile users has totaled 1.6082 billion with a growth rate of 27.63%; and a highest 3G penetration rate of 42.94% among the top 3 mobile telecommunication service providers in China.


China’s no.3 mobile telecommunication service provider: China Telecom

China’s no.2 mobile telecommunication service provider: China Unicom

China’s no.1 mobile telecommunication service provider: China Mobile

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