MIIT: a maximum fine of 30,000 for selling user information


According to the Beijing News, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently announced the “Telecommunications and Internet users’ personal information protection regulations (draft)” (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”) stating that the telecommunication business operators, Internet service providers and their staff shall not disclose user information, and shall not sell the user information to others, and offenders is likely to face a fine of up to RMB 30,000 (USD 4,800), and severe cases will be investigated for criminal responsibility.

This reporter learned that, the users’ personal information under the provisions is including: user name, date of birth, ID number, address and other identifying information as well as the number of user services, account number, time, place and other log information.

“Regulations” provides that, without the user’s consent the telecommunications business operators, Internet service providers are not allowed to collect and/or use users’ personal information. Telecommunication business operators, Internet service providers collecting the personal information should clearly inform the users regarding the information collection purposes, methods and scope of usage of the information.

Reference Link: http://epaper.bjnews.com.cn/html/2013-04/11/content_425811.htm?div=-1

Taobao consumer behavior report: “Dear(亲)” is repeated 100 million times daily


Homepage of Taobao.com, the largest B2C platform in China

According to CNR news, in two months, the Taobao online shopping platform will celebrate its ten-year birthday. Taobao yesterday released a report which introduces the Taobao supplementary businesses such as customer service and online-shop photography. The report also makes interesting classification of the various online shopping groups.

The “Night Treature Seeker (夜淘族)”: 22.83 million

Published data show that a total of 22.832 million people loved shopping in Taobao in the period between 23:00 pm to 5:00 am. This part of the population is defined as the “Night Treasure Seeker (夜淘族)”. From the Taobao statistical data, men accounted for 48% of this group.

The “Stockpile Group (囤货族)”: 1.29 million

Data published by Taobao show that “Stockpile Group” whose an average number of goods (most are necessities) purchased each time is 59.

The “Flea Group (跳蚤族)”: 900,000

The Flea Group (跳蚤族)” refer to those who love transferring and scouring second-hand goods. Women’s cloth and mobile phones become the two hot commodities among the flea group. According to statistics, every day there are over 6,000 used women clothing being transferred to others and 3,381 old phones being shipped to new owners for re-use.

“Dear()” is repeated 100 million times daily

Taobao also summed up the hot words, for example, “Dear!” which is the most popular word of greeting in the year of 2012 with an average daily repetition of more than 95 million times. A daily average of 730 million mentioned “free delivery charge(免邮)”.

Reference Link: http://china.cnr.cn/xwwgf/201304/t20130411_512340923.shtml?_fin

Giant Network refused the charge of helping the internet fraud

On the evening of March 29, CCTV 2 “economic half-hour” program broadcasted a special report regarding the online banking stolen funds flowing into the Giant Network in the recent years, CCTV’s program survey showed that there is no evidence to prove that the Giants takes the initiative to participate in the network fraud, but on the other hand, the Giants did not take the appropriate means to prevent the incident.


In response to the charge, today the Giant Network releases a statement claiming that: “There are criminals who created Trojan virus and spreading them to the users to control the users’ computers, and use money stolen to buy in the game currency and finally exchanged for cash through multiple transfers. These illegal behaviors have seriously disrupted the normal price in the game system, and caused significant economic losses to the company, thus the Giant Network is also a victim in this case. The company has deployed a lot of manpower to help the police in solving the case, the investigation has already obtained substantial progress.”

The statement does not answer the CCTV’ charge of the company’s negligence of the incidence before the exposure. Considering the fact the money stolen was used to buy in the currency of the games operated by the company but sold out in a cheaper price, similar actions lasted for several years, such obvious interest conflict has made the company’s lack of firmed actions before the official exposure difficult to be accepted and today’s statement vulnerable.

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