Taobao consumer behavior report 2013: “Dear(亲)” is repeated 100 million times daily


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According to CNR news, in two months, the Taobao online shopping platform will celebrate its ten-year birthday. Taobao yesterday released a report which introduces the Taobao supplementary businesses such as customer service and online-shop photography. The report also makes interesting classification of the various online shopping groups.

The “Night Treature Seeker (夜淘族)”: 22.83 million

Published data show that a total of 22.832 million people loved shopping in Taobao in the period between 23:00 pm to 5:00 am. This part of the population is defined as the “Night Treasure Seeker (夜淘族)”. From the Taobao statistical data, men accounted for 48% of this group.

The “Stockpile Group (囤货族)”: 1.29 million

Data published by Taobao show that “Stockpile Group” whose an average number of goods (most are necessities) purchased each time is 59.

The “Flea Group (跳蚤族)”: 900,000

The Flea Group (跳蚤族)” refer to those who love transferring and scouring second-hand goods. Women’s cloth and mobile phones become the two hot commodities among the flea group. According to statistics, every day there are over 6,000 used women clothing being transferred to others and 3,381 old phones being shipped to new owners for re-use.

“Dear()” is repeated 100 million times daily

Taobao also summed up the hot words, for example, “Dear!” which is the most popular word of greeting in the year of 2012 with an average daily repetition of more than 95 million times. A daily average of 730 million mentioned “free delivery charge(免邮)”.

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