Taiwan responded to Philippines’s trying to send transport ship to the Second Thomas Shoal

It is reported that Philippines recently tried to send transport ship to the Second Thomas Shoal (Filipino: Ayungin, Vietnamese: Bãi Cỏ Mây, Chinese: Renai Shoal, 仁爱暗沙,仁爱礁). In response to this, the Taiwan authority held a press release last night, the foreign affairs department said that in the fields of history, geography and international law, the Spratly Islands, Paracel Islands, the Dongsha Islands, the Zhongsha Islands and their surrounding waters are part of the “Republic of China”‘s inherent territory and waters, their sovereignty belongs to “Republic of China” with no doubt.

The “Taiwan foreign affairs department” stressed that “the Republic of China” claims all due rights of the four islands and waters. The Second Thomas Shoal is located in the Spratly Islands. The “Taiwan government” will no recognized any country for any reason or manner claims or occupies the Second Thomas Shoal.

Source: ChinaNews

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