Taiwan investigation team denounced the Philippine’s integrity, and returned to Taiwan

According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” report that the Taiwan investigation team today (May 18) issued a statement criticizing the Philippine side’s arrogance and lack of integrity, all members will return to Taiwan today. They called on the Philippines to punish the murderer and make compensation in accordance with the facts.

The Taiwan investigation team this morning in the local Taiwan Office in Philippines held an international press conference, Director of Taiwan Ministry of Justice Chen Wenqi read a statement, claiming that although some progress yesterday (May 17) had been obtained, but the practices of the Philippines and the attitudes of being arrogant, delaying the investigation repeatedly showed that Philippines had no integrity, and resulted in a large number of human resource wasted, with outrageous dissatisfaction all the members of the investigation group decided to return to Taiwan instantly.

Chen Wenqi expressed the hope that the truth will not change, Philippines side shall show sincerity, put forward specific co-operation survey program, to clarify the truth, punish the murderer and make compensation in accordance with the facts.

In response to the Philippines’ accusing the victim as bad guy, Chen Wenqi claimed that any allegations shall be evidence-based, he requested the Philippines to submit relevant evidence. With no evidence, malicious accusations only showed that Philippines intended to cover up the wrongdoing.

Source: ChinaNews

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