Taiwan authorities verified: the Philippines fishery MCS-3001 boat shot the Taiwan fishing boat

mcs-3001 shooting case taiwan fisherman killed

According to Taiwan’s “China Times” report, the Taiwan authorities defense departments verified through in the Philippines military co-group and had known that the involved Philippines vessel was an official boat of the Philippines, an armed fishery boat No. MCS-3001, and the information was quite real.

It is understood that the intelligence affair department of Taiwan returned the information to the Taiwan authorities at the first time, and Taiwan’s senior military officers were angry over Philippine armed boat’s shooting at Taiwan fishing boat using machine gun. Compared to the foreign affairs department’s and the Office of Ma Ying-jeou’s careful handling, there was indignation within the military, a Navy high-ranking general was interviewed that night, said in a strong tone that the Philippine military was much weaker than Taiwan, Taiwan’s navy was absolutely capable of safeguarding the territorial waters of “sovereignty” and the safety of its fishermen.

Source: 中国新闻网(ChinaNews)

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