Taiwan announced the second wave of sanctions against the Philippines, including stop of high-level exchanges

taiwan protest against Philippines

According to Taiwan’s TVBS report regarding the official boat of the Philippines’ shooting the Taiwan fishing boat, the Philippine government’s attitude had always been difficult to be accepted by the administrative bodies. Taiwan authorities held a press conference, administrative body responsible person Jiang Yi Hua announced to immediately start the second wave of sanctions against the Philippines.
These measures include: Publishing travel warning of “red” light against Philippines travelers; Discourage travel or business trip to the Philippines; Cessation of high-level exchanges and interaction; Stop economic exchanges with Philippine side in term of marketing and trade promotion activities; Stop the agriculture and fishery cooperation matters; Stop the technological research exchange and cooperation programs; Stop the negotiation of air rights; Visa-free measures will not be applicable to Philippines people; Defense departments and the Coast Guard will go for joint naval drill in the relevant waters.

The text declared by Philippines as part of the apology offered mentioned that the Taiwan crew Hongdan Cheng was killed in a non-predictable case, which makes Ma Ying-jeou angry, because Hong Shicheng was obviously shot to death; so even if the Philippine government had authorized an apology, Taiwan will still continue the second wave of sanctions against the Philippines.

Source: Chinanews(中国新闻网)

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