Taiwan announced a freeze on Filipino workers to apply for work permit

According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency”, “Presidential Palace” spokeswoman Li Jia Fei on 15 of May said that Ma Ying-jeou considered Philippine government’ act was not enough with lack of sincerity and Ma Ying-jeou expressed “strong dissatisfaction” and will take immediate freeze on Filipino workers to apply for work permit as well as other two sanctions.

It is reported on the morning of 15th of May Ma Ying-jeou held a a high-level meeting with the “national security”, following the meeting Li Jia Fei requested the Philippine government at 0:00 of the 15th to response to the four demands made by the Taiwan authorities on the 11th which included a formal apology, compensation, thorough investigation over the facts and punishing the criminals and start the Taiwan-Philippine fisheries agreement negotiations; due to the Philippine government lacked of sincerity, authorization and being erratic, Ma Ying-jeou expressed strong dissatisfaction and can not accept the Philippines’ perfunctory responses.

“Ma Ying-jeou held a high-level meeting with the ‘national security’ in 7:00 and decided to take immediate application of the three sanctions: a freeze on Filipino workers to apply for Taiwan work permit in the Philippines, recall the Taiwan representatives, and requested the Philippine Representative in Taiwan to return home to help deal with the case properly.

Source: 环球网

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