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2012 Top 10 Chinese Cities for Network Image

The ranking of “2012 Top 10 Chinese Cities for Online Image” was made based on the evaluation of Chinese urban data collected on network of cities, urban network language image, the image of the network of city life, the city government network image and the image of network for public opinion expression. This ranking is to stimulate more comprehensive social network system building as well as promote civilized online behaviors and expression in China.

Introduction of The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), is China’s only existing Production and Construction Corps which is special social organization integrating the functions of military, political and business. It is a separate the sub-provincial unit empowered to manage internal administrative, judicial affairs; it is under supervision of PRC State Council and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee with headquarter in Urumqi.

FC-1 Xiaolong / JF-17 Thunder

FC-1 Xiaolong or Fighter China I (枭龙战斗机) is an all-weather, single-seat, light supersonic fighter aircraft co-developed by China and Pakistan. The project of FC-1 Xiaolong was jointly funded by Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and the Pakistan Air Force (50/50), and executed by Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute and Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group. The design of FC-1 was completed on May 31, 2002 and the first test flight was on August 25, 2003. In Pakistan, FC-1 Xiaolong is also known as JF-17 Thunder.

The spreading of cadmium-polluted rice in China

The “Cadmium-polluted rice” incident (镉米事件) continues to spread in mainland of China with more samples of raw rice from Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong and other places found as cadmium polluted. It is understood that, following the sampling of rice produced in Hunan Province being identified by Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration as cadmium-polluted, relevant departments of Shunde City, Guangdong also found three batches of rice containing excessive level of cadmium produced in Jiangxi Province and Guangdong Province.

200 billion yuan(US $32 billion) gold mine discovered in Xinjiang Province

After five years of exploration and evaluation, the Xinjiang Geology and Mineral Resources department recently announced the discovery of a large gold mine in the Ili River Valley which is located in the northwest border of the Xinjiang Province. It is reported that the new gold mine may have a gold reserves of 53 tons, and the output is expected to reach hundreds of tons in the long-term, the potential economic value of the mine reaches 200 billion yuan(US $32 billion).