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Premier Li Keqiang: China will import goods totaled $ 10 trillion

As the world’s second largest economy, China’s economic development has brought opportunities to the world. Days ago Premier Li Keqiang published a signed article in the “New Zurich Newspaper” saying that in the next five years, China will import goods totaled $ 10 trillion, and foreign investment will reach 500 billion U.S. dollars. He said that China’s economic development prospects are very bright, will bring more opportunities to countries including Switzerland.

Mobile communication resale business open for private capital in China

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on May 17 released the “Notice of pilot work on mobile communication resale business”(hereinafter referred to as” Notice “), mobile communications resale business pilot project was formally launched, which encourages and guides private capital to enter further into the telecommunications industry.
Mobile communication resale business is the purchase of mobile communications services from basic telecommunications services for mobile network operators, and the service can be repackaged into a third-party brand to be sold to end users. “Notice” pointed out that the mobile communication resale companies can not build wireless network, core network, transmission network and mobile communication network infrastructure. But they must establish a customer service system. Based on the needs, they can establish a business management platform as well as billing, business accounts and other business support systems. The mobile communication resale business does not include the resale of satellite mobile communication services. “Notice” also made clear that, mobile communication resale business is classified as the second class of basic telecommunications services, and managed as value-added telecommunications business.

China Celebrity Splash (中国星跳跃)

China Celebrity Splash (中国星跳跃) was a large star diving motivational program, it was first broadcasted by Zhejiang Satellite TV first on April 6, 2013. With diving prince Tian Liang served as a star leader, national diving team leader Zhou Jihong served as general counsel, based on the features of the celebrities the program will provide enclosed devil training for China movie stars as well as other celebrities to complete in diving competitions, which claimed to establish a new benchmark in the motivational program. China Celebrity Splash (中国星跳跃) was recorded in the Swimming Pool of the Beijing Olympic Sports Center.

Sudden death of an Ogilvy 24-year-old employee: may due to long-term overtime

On the evening of 13th May, a young employee of Ogilvy & Mather China Beijing Branch died of a heart attack in the office, the employee was only 24 years old. Yesterday, the company official said, one week before the incident, the staff had been feeling unwell, at present, the company is working with his families to deal with the situation.

Alibaba invested $ 586 million in Sina Microblogging

Sina announced on Monday that its subsidiary microblogging company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba under which Alibaba’s wholly-owned subsidiary buys in Sina microblogging’s issued preference shares and ordinary shares with $ 586 million, after the transaction Alibaba will be accounting for approximately 18% of the total shares.