Suspect the remains of the girl falling down a manhole in Changsha found

changsha girl falling3

changsha girl falling2

changsha girl falling2

On the morning of May 19, a person found a woman body in the Xiangyin section of the Xiangjiang River. The clothing, estimated age and height and other characteristics seemed to be highly identical with the missing girl who fell in an uncovered manhole in Changsha on March 22.

Police said the clothing features of the body found were consistent with the missing girl Yang Lijun, but the final conclusion can only be made after the DNA matching test in order to determine the identity.

Case review

manhole yanglijun

A young Chinese girl has been missing after falling down a manhole on the night of March 22 in Changsha, Hunan Province. 21-year-old Yang Lijun was washed away during the heavy rain when passing by an uncovered manhole near Chihuang Road.

Source: 长沙晚报

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