Survey: Chinese employees only have 3 hours leisure time in working days

May 19, the National Tourism Bureau first released the China National Recreation Survey report in Chongqing City. The report shows that Chinese employees during working days only have an average leisure time of about 3 hours, 13.15% of the total time, which is far less than 23.9% in the 18 developed OECD countries.

The survey shows that Chinese nationals spend on average over 9.249 hours per day on work related activities, out of which more than 1 hour is used in transport.

In term of paid leave, the Chinese mainland is ranked as the lowest among the 39 countries and regions in the survey with only 7.7% of the respondents ever dealt with the employers regarding the unreasonable annual paid leave issues. And only half of the respondents believe that strict implementation of paid leave system is possible.

The survey showed another noteworthy phenomenon which is that Chinese nationals tend to have a negative assessment of the leisure life, and they believe taking a holiday will hinder the personal and social development.

From the view of people’s willing, China’s national tourism and leisure desire is not strong enough. Report on leisure activities shows that Chinese nationals prefer family leisure activities in all 32 categories of leisure activities, such as watching TV, partying shopping, read books and newspapers, surfing Internet, and women prefer the beauty and making handicrafts; men prefer playing mahjong, playing cards and other activities; tourism is not a top option.

Source: ChinaNews

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