Survey: 8,550 new cancer cases per day inChina

According to the Chongqing Morning Post, during the Cancer Awareness Week (April 15 -21) the National Cancer Registration Center released the “2012 China Cancer Registration Annual Report” according to which every day there is on average 8,550 new cases of cancer identified in China, and each year about 2.5 million deaths in relate to cancer were recorded.

Mayun’s speech

In February this year, Chairman of Board of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma had published shocking speech in Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum that: “We believe that ten years later, the three major cancer will haunt every family, liver cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer. Liver cancer, may be in related to the polluted water; lung cancer is caused by polluted air; gastric cancer by polluted food … 30 years ago, no many people around us knew anyone had a cancer, at that time the cancer was a rarely heard term. Today, cancer has become a usual norm. Wenchuan earthquake killed 84,000 people, but eegarding the number of cancer deaths per day, none of us have thought about this … ”

Editor’s note: Now the an answer is given: about 6,849 death per day, and with an average 8,550 new cases of cancer identified in China per day, the per-day death number will certainly see an increase in the near future.

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