Survey: 60% of Chongqing women took initiates to chase men

5.20 Internet Valentine’s Day(网络情人节)

South Korean film “My girlfriend and me” became classic of women’s chasing men

With the coming of “5.20 Internet Valentine’s Day(520网络情人节)”, “confession of love” became sweet topic among young men and women. Modern confession of love has not ben limited to the traditional “male chasing women”, the girls now are more bold to take the initiative to pursue the boys; and the behavior of women’s chasing men (倒追) is now a growing trend.

On May 16, the Chongqing Business Daily carried out an online survey covering more than 2,000 users, results of which showed that the situation of women chasing men was common with more than half of respondents got involved in the “women chasing men”.

As for women respondents, 60% of them admitted they had chased men;
accordingly 54% men respondents said that they had been chased; both percentages had passed 50%. 57% of women and 62% of men agreed with the behavior of women’s chasing men. In term of the way of love confession, 42% of men prefer a direct way, while 37% women respondents preferred an indirect way of expression of their love.

For the status of women’s chasing men “Century Dating Network” founder and emotion expert Miss Gong Haiyan said, “the precious of love is happiness, the chase form of love does not really matter”.

Source: 重庆商报

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