Sun Yat Sen Suit(Chinese Tunic Suit 中山装)

Sun Yat Sen Suit(Chinese Tunic Suit中山装)


Sun Yat Sen wearing the suit named after him

One day at the end of 1911, Sun Yat Sen who led the 1911 Revolution which overthrew the Qing Dynasty though about that Chinese people should have suit with Chinese styles for formal wearing and obviously he was not willing to wear the clothing with features of the Qing Dynasty. Thus he chose one suit he brought with him from the US and asked the tailor to customize the suit according to his specific requirements. He ordered to make the collar upright and add caps for the pockets. Together with other featured changes, wearing this suit Sun Yat Sen had been sworn in for the first president of China. Since then, the suit became popular till today with most people considering it as one of the typical Chinese costumes.


Movie star wearing Sun Yat Sen Suit

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