Sudden hails in Dongguan caused 8 dead, 2 injured and 134 minor injuries

According to the newspaper, yesterday afternoon there was an about eighth scale wind and thunderstorm together with short-time heavy rainfall and hails causing regional blackouts and collaspsing of some temporary buildings. Based on the preliminary statistics from the Dongguan City Health Bureau, a total of 8 dead, 2 injured and 134 minor injuries are recored so far in which Shatian Town has 2 deaths and 67 minor injuries, Houjie Town, five deaths and 36 injuries, Dalingshan Town 1 dead 2 injured 31 minor injuries. The relevant data are still pending for further verification.

The official department reminds that there is still a high incidence of severe convective weather, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other bad weather can still happen so that the public need to pay close attention to early warning signals. Around yesterday 4pm, 2 hours ahead of the hails, the weather department released the warning signal of possible hails but this is considered as too little too late. It would be much better if the warning could be released earlier and SMS can be sent directly to the mobile phones.

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