Sudden death of an Ogilvy 24-year-old employee: may due to long-term overtime

On the evening of 13th May, a young employee of Ogilvy & Mather China Beijing Branch died of a heart attack in the office, the employee was only 24 years old. Yesterday, the company official said, one week before the incident, the staff had been feeling unwell, at present, the company is working with his families to deal with the situation.

Yesterday, a number of online users published micro-blogging saying that the day before yesterday, Ogilvy & Mather Beijing Branch a staff was found in sudden death in the office, the matter immediately triggered wide concern. Some said that they saw the paramedics carried out of a man, his face was sallow, pupil enlarged, continuously pressing the chest had no effect.

According to the online source, insiders suggested that the man had been doing overtime for a month until he died in a sudden.

Source: 京华时报

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