A successful test flight using refined waste oil bio-jet fuel

It had been reported that some time ago, the illegal recycling of waste oils (地沟油) which had been refined and put back to the dining tables became the hatred among the people. Yesterday, however, the waste oil was again became the news protagonist, but this waste oil was not a villain.

5:43 am, 24th April, an Eastern Airlines Airbus 320 aircraft filled with the “China Petrochemical no.1 bio-jet fuel” took its official test flight in Shanghai. It’s reported that the “China Petrochemical no.1 bio-jet fuel” is actually made up of animal and vegetable fat as well as the infamous waste oils (地沟油)

At 5:43 am, the crew launches this green flights from Shanghai, and successfully carried out an approved flight test in the certain area, it made a smooth landing at 7:08, the flight time reached a total of 125 minutes. The trial used 1.7 tons of the new bio-jet fuel. The relevant person in charge of the Civil Aviation Administration of China announced that the first successful test flight of China’s own bio-jet fuel.

As commented by Captain Liu Zhimin, “the flight is very satisfied, the new bio-jet fuel provides very good take-off power.” In fact, bio-jet fuel produced with the waste oil generates far fewer emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur than fossil fuel.

It is learned that at present, the bio-jet fuel is still far away from domestic commercial usage as the cost is still relatively high. At present, China’s annual consumption of aviation fuel amounted nearly 2,000 tons. According to the prediction of the International Air Transport Association that by 2020 bio-jet fuel will reach 30% of the total jet fuel, thus the bio-jet fuel market has a really broad prospect.

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