Stricter gun control in China helps to reduce casualty in campus violent attacks

Stricter gun control in China helps to reduce casualty in campus violent attacks

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Serious of campus attacks happened in the US and China had triggered doubts and criticism widely over the effectiveness of gun control legislation across different nations. In particular on 18th December 2012, a 20 year old Adam Lanza with two handguns killed 26 people (6 adults and 20 children) in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. In comparison, on 14th December a 36 year old man ran into a primary school in Henan Province and caused injury of 24 people and no one killed.

These two campus violence cases are both one of the most severe cases happened to the respective country with great social influence. In one point the stricter gun control in China does assist the country to reduce casualty in campus violent attacks the number of which seemed to increase with the increasing stressors among the faster economic pace and working life in particular in the cities. In China, ordinary people are not allowed in any case to own a gun; the majority authorized people to own guns are soldiers, cops and hunters in the remote districts (living on hunting). Not even normal security in the jewelry stores and business companies are allowed to have guns in their security assignments. Thus, unless really organized gangs that deal with durgs for example might still have access to guns through unusual channels most people would not be able to own any guns if he or she makes a great offer to have one.

In eyes of common Chinese people, it is really surprised to learn that an adult can buy a gun in the supermarket like what the American people do every day. The difference in term of casualty in the two separate but similar campus attacks in China and US tells a simple fact that thousands of life can be saved if gun control can be as strict in the US as like in the People’s Republic of China despite any reasons could be given by anyone under any circumstances and at any stands. Perhaps people in the US, a place famous for its free air, should think about the cost of absolute free as the political system seems to lose control while the strong and powerful weapon manufacturers have their willing significantly expressed through integration with the political forces.

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