Stress Management In China- Issues description


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With three out of five people visit the doctor attributed to stress-related problems (Middleton 2010, p192), stress in the work place which could be defined as the various forces that create discomfort or strain (Cunningham 2000, p8) has become a major issue disturbing the work and personal life of many employees. Stress, usually referred as pressure, could come from every part employees’ life including work, personal life and social life. Symptoms of stress include feeling nervous, anxious, tense coming together with even physical reactions (Stone 2011, p657) and when people exhibit such symptom they are actually sending out a message that they are under stress and need assistant which is helpful to the final resolve of the issue. But some people may not feel that they are under stress but stress may already be doing physical damage to them inside resulting in later biological symptoms (Natelson 2008, p122) in term of insomnia and high blood pressure for example. In some extreme case high level in long period may lead to suicide which is not new in China when the stress level had exceeded the threshold that people could take. So it is necessary and critical to manage the stress in term of controlling the stress in appropriate manner.

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