Steady growth in Guangdong consumer market in Jan and Feb 2013

By | April 24, 2013

In January and February 2013, Guangdong realized a total retail sales of 403.537 billion yuan (USD 64.57 billion), an increase of 10.0% year on year, but the growth rate was decreased slightly by 0.4 percentage points; In February retail sales reached 198.846 billion yuan (USD 31.82 billion), an increase of 9.1%. The main features of the consumer market are:

First, the urban market continued to maintain a rapid growth. In the first two months, the city market achieved a total retail sales of 351.004 billion yuan (USD 56.16 billion), an increase of 10.2%; In February retail sales reached 172.912 billion yuan (USD 27.67 billion), an increase of 9.3%. Rural market achieved a total retail sales of 52.534 billion yuan (USD 8.41 billion), an increase of 8.6%; In February the retail sales reached 25.933 billion yuan (USD 4.15 billion), an increase of 8.1%.

Second, by consumption patterns, from January to February, retail in Guangdong achieved a sales of 360.366 billion yuan (USD 57.66 billion), an increase of 10.2%; sale in catering industry reached 43.172 billion yuan (USD 6.91 billion), an increase of 8.1%, the growth rate was lowered by 2.1 percentage points than retail sector.

Third, industries in relate to furniture, construction and decoration materials, daily necessities goods obtained faster growth. In the first two months, the major growth of the various industries are as follows:

 Industries growth rate in Guangdong in Jan and Feb 2013

IndustryGrowth rate
Construction and decoration materials14.2%
Daily necessities13.9%
Cultural and office goods11.9%
Gold and silver jewelry8.0%
Household appliances4.9%
Chinese and Western Medicines4.7%

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