The sports community contributed to Ya’an: Lin Dan couple 2.2 million, Hengda Football 20 million

Donations, praying, the Chinese sports community has approached a variety of ways to help the Ya’an earthquake. A steady stream of donations convey the same determination to people in the affected areas. Guangzhou Hengda Group donated 20 million yuan (US $3.2 million), Lin Dan and his wife donated 2.2 million yuan (US $352,000),  Liu Xiang who is currently receiving rehabilitation treatment in the United States entrusted his father to donate 300,000 yuan (US $48,000), the diving team donated all bonus won in the Edinburgh match…

Lin Dan couple: 2.2 million

This morning, Lin Dan in Tencent microblogging announced: “today we will went to Ya’an to help our fellow citizens with our actions, so we decide to donate part of the Arowana endorsement fees which is 2,200,000 yuan, we sincerely hope that our Ya’an people will recover more quickly, because we are a family”. In response to his move, many users are very touched, they praised him as “you are really our Super Dan!”

Hengda Football League: 20 million

Guangzhou Hengda Group decided to contribute 20 million yuan as disaster relief donation to the earthquake areas. At the same time, Wanda Group announced a 10 million yuan donation and Wuhan Zall Holding contributed 1 million yuan…

It is not all about digits, these donations all show the power of solidarity.

Reference/Source: Tencent Sports

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