South China Sea fishing moratorium started today, foreign vessels’ entrance will be strictly punished

south china sea fishing ban
Chinese fishery boat cruising in the South China Sea

From 12:00 today (May 16), “the South China Sea will enter into a fishing moratorium. During the moratorium, any foreign fishing vessel enters into China’s territorial waters will be dealt with in accordance with relevant Chinese laws; in serious cases, fishing vessels and fish obtained will be confiscated” said the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, South China Sea Fisheries Secretary Wu Zhuang.

It is learned that the South China Sea fishing moratorium is scheduled to start from 12:00 on the May 16 to 12:00 on August 1st 2013 covering waters from latitude of 12 degrees to the waters of Fujian and Guangdong border line which is under jurisdiction of the South China Sea (including the North Gulf) of PRC, only gill nets and fishing tackle can be used.

During the moratorium, the South China Sea Fisheries Bureau under Ministry of Agriculture will deploy law enforcement forces and establish a land and sea linkage mechanism to check the implementation of the fishing moratorium.

South China Sea Fisheries Secretary Wu Zhuang said “2013 is the 15th year the fishing moratorium system is adopted for the South China Sea, through the moratorium system the South China Sea offshore resources recovered to some degree in term of both quality and quantity remarking good progress of the job.

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