Smart phone operating systems and voice intelligence will be the top priorities in software industry in China

apple google and android
 The current operation system market of smart phones is dominated by Google (Android), Microsoft (Windows Phone) and Apple (iOS)

On the 30th, Chinese officials of the Ministry of Industry and Information disclosed the priorities of China’s software industry development in the next three to five years. The priorities mentioned included the smart phone operating systems and voice intelligence.

The 17th China International Software Expo was held in Beijing on the 30th during which the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software Services Secretary Chen Wei introduced that China’s software industry innovation ability is increasing with the cloud computing-related software business increased by 118% in 2012; the number of UC Browser users exceeded 300 million worldwide, of which more than 90% are mobile phone users; the number of WeChat users reached 400 million or so. The booming of these software brings new picture to the development of applications.

According to Chen Wei, in recent years Chinese companies have made significant achievements in fields of speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech alignment, voice test and etc. For example, Anhui IFLYTEK which is specialized in research of intelligent voice and speech technology has signed contracts with all three major telecom operators. Chen Wei said the Ministry of Industry and Information and the provincial government of Anhui have signed an agreement to jointly promote the voice technology industry.

Source: ChinaNews

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