Sissy boy Survey in China: Mostly brought up in autocratic or doting family

Sissy boy Survey in China

According to the Qianjiang Evening News report, a primary school teacher in Hangzhou has finished a two-year survey targeting at 35 sissy boys at the fourth grade of a primary school in Hangzhou. Based on his research, the weak personality of the boys has close relationship with child rearing: harmonious family tends to raise up cheerful and active boys; child rearing with high turbulence and instability (e.g. family members often quarrel) tends to raise up boys with weak personality in term of low self-esteem and low masculine.

Further investigation showed that child rearing, mainly doting family (50%) and autocratic family (33%), are linked closely with weak personality of boys. Among boys in doting family, 33% of them are with inferiority, 86% are dependent and 67% are introverted; among boys in authoritarian family, 90% are introverted, 70% show strong dependence.

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