Sino-US Joint Declaration on Climate Change (Full Text)

The Sino-US Joint Declaration on Climate Change was released the Xinhuanet on April 13:

The People’s Republic of China and the United States of America recognize that, with the growing climate change hazards and the lack of global response, there is a demand for more focused emergency initiatives. Over the past few years, through bilateral and multilateral channels including in the forum of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate process and economic power, both parties have carried out a constructive discussion. The two sides also believe that a strong scientific consensus on climate change is strongly required to take significant actions on climate change with global impacts.

China and the United States realize in particular that a strong scientific consensus for man-made climate change and its worsening impacts including the significant increase of the global average temperature during the past century, worrying ocean acidification, rapid disappearance of the Arctic sea ice as well as frequent extreme weather events around the world. Both sides recognized that, in view of the latest scientific understanding of the  accelerated climate change and the urgent need to strengthen global greenhouse gas emission reduction efforts, strong domestic appropriate actions and large-scale cooperative action taken by China and the United States will be critical than ever. These actions can inspire the world to curb climate change and establish a strong example which is extremely important.

In order to promote the challenge of climate change into higher priority matter, China and the United States agree to establish the Climate Change Working Group before the Sino-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue held in 2013. According to the shared vision of the leaders of the two countries, the Working Group will immediately set to work and confirm the cooperative mode that the two sides work in the field of technology, research, energy efficiency and alternative energy sources and renewable energy. The two sides will accelerate this work through the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue to be held this summer. Working Group will be led by the National Development and Reform Commission, Xie Zhenhua, deputy director of the U.S. climate envoy Stern. Climate Change Working Group is set to prepare for the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue by summing up climate change existing cooperation and the potential opportunities to enhance cooperation through the appropriate ministerial channels, and to identify specific cooperation actions to promote green low-carbon economic growth of the new areas, including the proper use of public and private sector partnerships. Climate Change Working Group should involve the relevant government departments and report the results of the work to the special representative of the heads of two countries in the upcoming China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue meeting.

The two sides are also aware of the significant mutual interests brought about by strengthening the climate change action and cooperation, including strengthened energy security, a cleaner environment, richer natural resources. The two sides reiterate to promote concrete action to address climate change through multilateral negotiations which will become one of the pillars of the bilateral relations enhancing the mutual trust and mutual respect and paving the way for a stronger comprehensive collaboration. The two countries note that the two sides have a common interest in the development and application of new environmental protection and clean energy technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while promoting economic prosperity and job creation.

Taking into account of the existing joint statement, the existing arrangements and the work being carried out, both sides agree to enhance the scale and impact of cooperation on climate change efforts to solve the growing climate challenge.

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