Shijiazhuang City: Male teacher can not stay with girl students alone

In order to crack down crimes against schoolchildren and effectively protect the personal safety and well-being of young children, Shijiazhuang City Board of Education held a mobilization meeting yesterday, decided to carry out a citywide “Seedlings Protecting Action.”

In respect of the widely concerned safety issues, the education department requires schools to hire full-time security guard and strictly implement the school entry management registration system. In case male teachers need to counsel or meet with female students, presence of three or more students is required, the allowed places of meeting exclude dormitory, bedroom and any other non-teaching areas. Any girl students except the direct relatives are banned from entering into male teacher bedroom.

Male’s entry into female dormitory shall obtain approval

Dormitories shall implement closed-end management, no male dormitory management staffs shall be hired; all male, including teachers, parents and students are not allowed to enter into the female student dormitories. Under special cases, male can enter the dormitories but only with approval from dormitory management personnel after finishing the relevant registration procedures, and management personnel shall also accompany the whole visiting course. Without approval, no entry shall be granted.

Source: 河北青年报

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