Shenzhou 10 Spacecraft to be launched from June to August, only one female astronaut


Wang Yaping

The Shenzhou 10 Spacecraft is planned to be launched from June to August this year. The spaceship aboarded the Il-76 transport aircraft yesterday and to be shipped to the Jiuquan launch site. This means that Shenzhou 10 mission has entered into the preparation stage. Zhang Bonan, the chief architect of the sapcecraft said that the “Temple One” is currently in good condition awaiting the Shenzhou 10 Spacecraft. The assembling of the rocket to launch Shenzhou 10 Spacecraft also has been completed and will be soon shifted to the launch site. Aerospace Science and Technology Science and Technology Committee, the Chinese Academy of Sciences member, Bao Weimin suggested that “Shenzhou 10” spacecraft’s mission will be to proceed further validation of the manned space shuttles application and increase new trials such as the flying around. The astronaut group will be three, probably a  combination of two men and a woman. Zhou Jianping, chief engineer of China’s manned space flight revealed that the three astronauts of the Shenzhou 9 Spacecraft did not participate in the selection for the Shenzhou 10 Spacecraft, Wang Yaping is currently the only female astronaut who participates in the selection and training for the Shenzhou 10.


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