Shangbao Terraces (上堡梯田)

Shangbao Terraces8

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Shangbao Terraces3

Shangbao Terraces2

Shangbao Terraces1

Shangbao Terraces is located in the Shangbao Country, Chongyi County, Jiangxi Province. It is one of three major terraced landscapes in China, with a total area of ​​30,000 hectares. The terraced hillside, layer upon layer, roll into a film. Shangbao Terrace has a vertical fall of nearly one thousand meters. It is also dotted with villages. When the farming season comes, spring water will run from the top to down for irrigation, demonstrating beautiful terracing scenery. The Shangbao Terraces depicts the long-term life style of the local people and the Chinese ancient farming civilization in the natural environment.

Source: Xinhua Net

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