Shaanxi “Watch Brother” Yang Dacai event(陕西表哥杨达才事件)

Yang Dacai event1
Smiling official (微笑局长) in the car accident site: Yang Dacai

August 26th, 2012: Smiling official (微笑局长) in the car accident site

Serious car accident occurred on August 26 in Yan’an, Shaanxi which shocked the country, however, at the scene of the accident, an official was caught smiling as the above photo shows. After internet users’ verification, the official was Shaanxi Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau Director Yang Dacai.

August 31: Watch Brother “(表哥)

Yang Dacai event3

However, with the continued attention over the offical Yang, users had found out that Yang attended the different activities and often wore different watches. There were at least five different watches, and most of these watches were extremely valuable. Another netizen said that he had watched Yang a year before, and pointed out that he had more than five valuable watches.

September 20: Yang Dacai was dismissed due to serious violation of discipline

The followup investigation showed that Yang Dacai involvoed serious discipline vialation, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Standing Committee decided to revocate Yang Dacai’s duties of Shaanxi Province Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau Party Secretary.

Source: 搜狐传媒

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