Shaanxi Province: experience of seafood buffet and the ancient city

This is a journalist travel report from the 西部网(

April 3, one hundred journalists gathered in Kim Hong Bao international cuisine. Spacious and stylish dining environment, multinational cuisines along with the elegant piano playing, made the reporters feel different!

piano playing













Stewed Xueha & Papaya

With a restaurant area of over 7000 square meters, 400 kinds of dishes, it may to a few days to taste all!

introducing food

The manager was introducing the food


Sin Chew Black Pepper Crab

Steamed Seafood Egg

Steamed Seafood and Egg

French cream meringue mushrooms

French Cream Meringue Mushrooms

Crab legs

Crab legs



le vin blanc

Le vin blanc

In this event, interview team of reporters are from various provinces, and there is a lot of difference in term of taste and eating habits. Kim Hong Bao international cuisine’s sufficient supply simply solved this problem with Chinese food, Western food, Southeast Asia barbecue, Thailand Vietnamese, Japanese, Hong Kong-style refreshments, Taiwanese snacks, Shaanxi snacks meeting different tastes.

Fancy sushi

Fancy sushi

Hong Kong-style refreshments1

Hong Kong-style refreshments

Hong Kong-style refreshments2

Kim Hong Bao international cuisine in Shanxi Province, West China

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