Sexy ads showed up near a primary school in Nanjing


Recently, a microblogging user claimed that some sexy ads had showed up in a number of roadside billboards with remark “China’s chief sex goddess Gan Lulu” near the a primary school in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province.

A citizen Miss Xu said the public the Gan Lulu site advertising had been set up for several days and the billboards were really closed with a Elementary School, Nanjing Normal University, the Experimental Kindergarten, as well ad surrounded by Nanjing Normal University, Hohai University and other universities.

After being exposed, on the morning of the same day, the District Urban Management Bureau carried out special action against the violation billboards. A total 10 billboards had been removed in Hankou West Road, Shanghai Road, Huaqiao Lu, Shanxi Road, Long Park West.

Source: 现代快报

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