Set phrase: Definition, meaning and example of 安土重迁

Definition of 安土重迁

重迁means taking relocation as a very serious issue. 安土重迁refers to getting used to living at home, and being reluctant to migrate. It is used to describe homeland nostalgia.

Example of 安土重迁


From the homeland nostalgia to settling down everywhere, the Chinese culture has undergone profound changes.

Synonyms: 安居乐业, 恋恋不舍

Antonyms: 志在四方, 背井离乡

In the over 5,000 years history of China, Chinese idioms or set phrases (中国成语) exhibit concentrated Chinese language culture. They are simple, accurate, very expressive and widely adopted. The formation of each idiom shows some real historical facts, which reflect the political, military, cultural, civil fashion and morality in different periods with strong Chinese features. Learn more about other set phrases.

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