Set phrase: Definition, meaning and example of 笔走龙蛇

Definition of 笔走龙蛇 (Bǐ zǒu lóng shé)

笔走龙蛇refers the status that one writes an article smoothly at his or her wishes, or it is used to describe vivid, fast and yet beautiful calligraphy.

Example of 笔走龙蛇


Calligraphers can use a pen to create snakes and dragons, making fonts into arts.

Synonyms: 笔底龙蛇、行云流水、龙飞凤舞、字走龙蛇、妙笔生花
Antonyms: 春蚓秋蛇、弯弯曲曲、鬼画桃符

In the over 5,000 years history of China, Chinese idioms or set phrases (中 国成语) exhibit concentrated Chinese language culture. They are simple, accurate, very expressive and widely adopted. The formation of each idiom shows some real historical facts, which reflect the political, military, cultural, civil fashion and morality in different periods with strong Chinese features. Learn more about other 4-word set phrases.

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