Set phrase: Definition, meaning and example of 海选(haixuan)?

Definition of 海选(haixuan)

From paper, 海选(haixuan) refers to selection from the sea. 海选(haixuan) or “Sea election” originated as a way of selection but in most cases it refers to events or selection from majority of the population, thus it generally refers to the first-round selection.

Origin of 海选(haixuan)

It started from a way of selection of country officials in the North China, but now is commonly used.

Example of 海选(haixuan)

由约克论坛承办的《非诚勿扰》加拿大专场海选活动在城市广场MarketVillage 举行
Hosted by the York forum, “You Are the One” Canadian special first-round selection was held in the town square of MarketVillage.

Synonyms: 直选(Direct selection)

Antonyms: n/a

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