Set phrase: Definition, meaning and example of 按部就班

Definition of 按部就班

部 and 班are both classes and departments in the army; 按部就班means to follow rules, regulations and certain procedures; but now 按部就班 is also referred as doing things without flexibility.

Example of 按部就班

One has to learn to do things orderly, not rush.

Synonyms: 循规蹈矩
Antonyms: 急于求成

In the over 5,000 years history of China, Chinese idioms or set phrases (中 国成语) exhibit concentrated Chinese language culture. They are simple, accurate, very expressive and widely adopted. The formation of each idiom shows some real historical facts, which reflect the political, military, cultural, civil fashion and morality in different periods with strong Chinese features. Learn more about other 4-word set phrases.

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