Set phrase: Definition, meaning and example of 安之若素

Definition of安之若素

素 means usual and calmness (the word素 means vegetarian from paper). The term 安之若素describes a status of calmness (like usual) in a case of difficulty. But now this term is also used to describe the indifference by leaving wrong acts unchecked.

Example of 安之若素

To the future, I will keep warm smile, and be calm as usual in difficulties.

Synonyms: 泰然处之, 漠然置之, 随遇而安, 如坐春风, 镇定自若, 若无其事, 不动声色
Antonyms: 惊惶失措, 寝食不安, 见异思迁, 提心吊胆, 忐忑不安, 诚惶诚恐, 心烦意乱, 心中有愧

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