“Serve First, Pay Later” in the Hospitals in China in 2013?


“Serve First, Pay Later” in the Hospitals in China in 2013?

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the official press agency of the China, the Ministry of Health is planning to implement the policy of “Serve First, Pay Later” in the hospitals under the coverage of the public health system enabling people to avoid paying the deposit before getting any medical service (under the current system, patients need to pay the full amount before treatment though they can claim the medical insurance afterwards, people finally need to pay 40% or less depending on the type of insurance). Though this policy direction has been widely complimented via various media, problems still exist:-

First of all, as mentioned the hospital treatment in China is not free even considering the medical insurance. As on average patients still have to pay about 30%-40% of the total costs finally which could be a lot in some case to the insured, the policy of “Serve First, Pay Later” in the hospitals would not be practical. The reduction of the proportion of costs paid by the patients is considered as a precondition for the successful policy change though such reduction is mentioned in the work plan of the Ministry of Health this year;

Secondly, the building of the individual credit system is necessary in supplementing the “Serve First, Pay Later” policy in the public medical service sector;

Thirdly, as a matter of fact similar trials had been done in different provinces which all ended up in failure. No doubt that we should prepare for a long wait as there is no an actual timeline for the overall implantation of the policy reform, anyhow getting hopes achieved is something satisfactory and worth waiting at all time.


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