Boao Forum For Asia 2013: One sentence describing the future for Chinese films

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According to the news release from the, in the sub-forum of Boao Forum For Asia 2013 named “Boao cultural” held on April 8, 2013 which was participated by a number of key persons in the culture industry around the globe. In the end of the discussion, they were invited to use one sentence describing the future for Chinese films:

Lu Chuan (Director and President of “Sichuan production” ): entertainment in the Chinese films is an inevitable trend;

Richard Anderson (American film director, screenwriter, film sound designer): On the contrary, I think the situation will be the same as it is right now;

Wang Jun (Chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation): Chinese films will enter into one of the best periods of rapid development, with scale suitable for industrialisation;

Andrew Morgan (President of Ruddy Morgan Group): Today’s entertainment will nurture the culture of tomorrow;

Zhang Jizhong (Producer): In the future, all eyes of the world will focus on China, where the future of the movie will be settled.

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