Scholarship Program “Türkiye Scholarships” Open for Application of Chinese Students Since 2012

Scholarship Program “Türkiye Scholarships” Open for Application for Chinese Students Since 2012

Since 2012, Türkiye Scholarships funded by the Turkish government provide chances of scholarships for Chinese students to study in Turkish language training course, associate, undergraduate, graduate and research degrees. The scholarships are intended to generate a new higher education system which is well-matched with Turkey’s regional and global vision. According to the news, hundreds of students had started their study in Turkey through this channel. Chinese students can apply the following scholarship online each year with an annual deadline of 1 June (starting time is around beginning April):

Bosphorus Scholarship (本科生)
History and Civilization Scholarship (硕士、博士研究生)
Ibni Haldun Social Sciences Scholarship (硕士、博士研究生)
Economic Studies Scholarship (硕士、博士研究生)
Ali Kuscu Science and Technology Scholarship (硕士、博士研究生)
Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship (本科、硕士、博士研究生)
Islamic Theology Scholarship (本科、硕士、博士研究生)
Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship (本科、硕士、博士研究生)

The scholarships are very generous as the students offered the full scholarships need not pay tuition and in addition the basic living cost during the period of studying in Turkey will be offset by a monthly subsidy based on the local living standard. But still as Turkey is not yet in the list of countries recommended by the Ministry of Education of China and also not many students are currently studying there, it takes time for trust building as well as branding building. No doubt that the timely shareing of the experience from first patch of students will assist China, the country with large demand for oversea studyand the Chinese students, to better understand Turkey, a country located in the other end of the world.

Formal diplomatic relations between Turkey and China was established on 5th August 1971. Turkey has it embassy located in Beijing and three consulates in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai. And the Embassy of China in Turkey is sitting at the capital city of Ankara with the consulate-general in Istanbul.

From 2000 to 2011, the bilateral trade volume between Turkey and China had grown 1 billion USD to 24 billion USD making China the third largest trade partner of Turkey behind Russia and Germany.

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