Thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire, you will remain anonymous. The reason for this survey is use for purpose of finding information from students concerning on the future of university education. The respondents are much appreciated.

  1. Gender
Male Female

  1. Age
19 or younger 20 – 23

24 – 29 Over 30

  1. Nationality
Malaysian Non- Malaysian

  1. Program of study
International Business Marketing

Computer Network Business Information System

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  1. Current level of study at UEL
Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

  1. What is your primary goal to attend university?
Increase job opportunity Network

Life experience Fun

Self-ego Knowledge

Other _____________________

  1. Do you think what do employers want the most from graduates?
Communications Skills Technology Skills

Critical thinking Leadership ability

Experience Team leading

Other ___________________

  1. Does university education equip students with these skills?
Yes No

Why or Why not?

  1. Is a false certificate affecting your future career opportunity?
Yes No

Why or Why not?

  1. What is your opinion about online learning?
It is the best use as a supplement to face to face classes

It is valuable primary for people who do not have time to attend live classes

Does not offer the same value as traditional (face to face class)

Offer more value that traditional (face to face class)

Other ________________________

  1. Should online or e-learning become a more prominent part of university education?
Yes No

Why or Why not?

  1. Is the degree certificate enough for today’s competition?
Yes No

Why or Why not?

  1. Is university education relevant in the future?
Yes No

Why or Why not?

  1. What programs should university offer to make education more relevant?
Tertiary Vocational

  1. Should university education be compulsory?
Yes No

Why or Why not?

  1. How would you rate on your opinion of learning in the university?

Excellent Good Average Fair Poor

  1. Intellectual stimulation
  2. Group discussion
  • Written task (quality, variety and quantity)
  • Project or event
  • Examination
  • Other________________________
  1. How can university improve their education delivery?

Strongly Dis- Strongly

Agree Agree Neutral agree disagree

  1. Class participation (reward for project

competition, increase student attention)

  1. Available of inter university collaboration

on individual coursework (students from

difference institutions may work together

on a given topic)

  1. Engaging activity (student organize event)
  2. Other____________________________________
  1. How well prepared do you feel your university students

are to compete in today’s global marketplace?

Excellent Good Average Fair Poor

  1. Expertise in field of study
  2. Communication skills
  • Technology skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Understanding of international issue
  • Foreign language fluency
  • Environmental & social issues
  • Leadership ability
  • Overall job readiness
  1. How can university equip student to meet up

with employer’s want?

Strongly Dis- Strongly

Agree Agree Neutral agree disagree

  1. Gone on work experience
  2. Visited an employer or business
  3. Had talks or visits from an employer from
industry or business

  1. Take part in any project/event
  1. What is your view on the current education system in the university?

Thank you for your time!

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