Sample of assignment: Personal Development Plan

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1. Personal Development Plan

1.1 Personal career target

My personal career target has long been set as to become a marketing manager in a multinational corporation. I want to be a marketing manager for the following reasons: firstly, I love travel very much and I love exploring new things and overcoming challenges appear in my life. And compared to a very stable working environment, I rather prefer an instable working condition. In my understanding, uncertainties always come hand in hand with opportunities, the expected challenges and uncertainties by acting as a marketing manager in a MNC in another word will create the opportunities for my career development need and also the expansion of my abilities and threshold for pressure; secondly, the high and performance based pay is also attractive to me, as just mentioned, uncertainties will come with opportunities, by adopting a performance based pay I would have my job linked with the salary which means that my hard work will be reflected in my salary pay slip. This is not all about pay; it is also considered as a kind of recognition from other employees and the society.

1.2 Career path design

I would design my career path from an executive marketing assistant, and then move forward along the hierarchy of the company until I can achieve my target. Firstly, I would choose a small company to work as an executive marketing assistant to get myself exposed with marketing relative work, any relative work will give me a big picture about what marketing functions are and how marketing department will work with other department. This is expected to get my self familiar with all the relative work in marketing department before I can join a large MNC to take the responsibility of a certain proportion of the marketing work which could not easily give me a big picture of the marketing work. Then I will work hard in a large MNC to move upward the ladder.

1.3 How to achieve my target

I will get myself geared up through three major works that I can do right now. Firstly, I will study hard to obtain all the marketing and management knowledge that I can get on the paper and also from the teachers. Since my dream work is to become a marketing assistant which is also a management position, I would need to have relative management knowledge; Secondly, I will try to work as internship in the local small companies to get myself familiar with the marketing work and also with the functions of other departments. Though it may seem that other departments would have non-marketing functions, but these functions are also important in the whole business operations, it would be necessary for me to learn and understand how other departments function; Third, I will learn to write marketing and business plan to get myself ready to prepare such document works because document reading is of great importance when we graduate and work in the companies.


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