Sample of assignment: My career plan: to be product development manager

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My career plan: to be product development manager


1.        My career choice

My ideal job is to be a product development manager in a large multinational company. A product development manager is someone who investigates, selects, and develops products for an company, performing the job of product management. And also a product manager considers numerous factors such as intended demographic, the products offered by the competition as well as the marketing positioning of the product development in term of pricing, product design and other important product features (Daft & Marcic 2005). And my career choice has close relationship with my personal experiences, and there are three major factors that make me make my mind to be the product development manager in my career life:

1.1    My friend’s product management job is interesting

One person that has strong effect on my decision making of my future career is one of my close friends, he has been working in Singapore for a number years. He is older than me and he is working as a product development manager. In my eyes, the product development job is about searching for the demand of the target customers, create new products or change the current product strategy to make sure that the product provided by the company is changing, and changing in a trend that meet the need of the customers from time to time. And internally, they are also in charge of the training of the new product knowledge to the various department employees who could be in different locations, and travel is routine job to them. In a word, I love this kind of job.


1.2    Product management is related to my study

Product management is related to my study which is related to business, product development management is a major task in the business management because it directly relates to the business strategic direction of the company and it will decide the marketing strategies of the companies in the future. The product management job also attracts me because it shows me the original ideas behind each final product, and it makes me excited when I can watch a product evolves from an idea to a final product.

1.2.1            This job could change my current life

Also another reason that makes to determined to take up the job about product development is that my current life is dull, and I would like to bring in some changes to my current life, I believe the challenging job of product development manager could best meet my needs.

2.        Literature review on John Krumboltz’s social learning career theory

John Krumboltz, with the help of colleagues, constructed a theory that addresses both career choice and career counseling, it is based on the Bandura’s behavioral theory and reinforcement theory and it identifies several factors that could have major influences on the career decision making: (1) Genetic endowment and special abilities; (2) Environmental conditions and events (3) Learning experiences and (4) Task approach skills (Gregoire & Jungers 2007, p. 323). The social learning career theory is totally different from the trait theories which take the individual view that a number of complex forces (formed during childhood) shaped personality and in return determined the career choice (Poole & Langan-Fox 1997, p. 18). And in general, social conditioning, social position and life events are thought to significantly influence career choice, and more specifically, individuals are though to be influenced by many factors including genetic endowments and special abilities, learning experiences and skills obtained in the management practices (Zunker 2006, p. 33). Hence, from these literature review regarding the John Krumboltz’s social learning career theory, though the theory still believes that individuals are rational when it comes to the decision making of what kind of career they should do, John Krumboltz proposes that their decisions are heavily affected by the experiences that they have in their working and living environments.

3.        My career skill

In my understanding, I posses several career skills that could be transferable to my future job as a product management manager. There are several skills that make me a competitive candidate for my future ideal positions in the large multinational firms. First of all, language skill is one of my advantages. Because I would like to work in a MNC which has subsidiary in China, and because I am from China, I would know about the Chinese customers in term of their culture background and also the buying behaviors and the languages in China, and on the other hand my English proficiency will also allows me survive in an English speaking company using English as an official language. Secondly, my computer related skills in term of usual and frequent office software. I am very good at making the PowerPoint slides and as mentioned above internally product management staffs would be in charge of training other employees from the various departments, therefore, my ability to create these slides and present to the other people and colleagues would be helpful for me to do this job well. And lastly, communication skills are also important because I would need to not only understand the demand of the users and also communicate the new product ideas and strategies to other departments, therefore my good communication skills would help be to better do this job well. But I will further develop these skills to equip myself well to the future job requirements because I need to be more competitive than the other candidates.


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